Native to Mexico, Central and South America. Albane is held in high regard for her strong and healthy leaves. She’s a Tradescantia Albiflora and she steals the show with her delightfully vibrant foliage. A real treat to bring life into any space.


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Please note the decorative pot is not included!

  • Light

    Albane prefers a bright spot, but doesn’t like basking under direct sunlight for very long (which may bleach her leaves). She’ll let you know if she’s not getting enough light by leaving long lengths of stem between leaves (whose markings may also fade). If this happens feel free to pinch off the leggy stems and move her to a brighter spot.

  • Water

    Be sure to keep the soil evenly moist in the growing season (late spring, summer and early autumn), and allow it to be slightly drier in winter. If stems begin to wilt, then it might be that you need to let Albane’s soil dry out more between waterings, which will give her roots a chance to breathe.

  • Humidity

    Mist Albane’s leaves several times per week! This will help replicate the humid climate she is used to.

  • Child and Pet safe?


  • Air Purifying?


  • Dimensions:

    Plant Height – 10-15cm; Pot size - 6 x 6cm (dia x height)



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