Baby Ruby

Baby Ruby




Ruby is a bright & glamorous addition to any room.


She's a Rubber plant with broad, thick leaves, which have a springy and seductive texture, and is an ideal low maintenance plant for rooms that get a good amount of natural light (although if it's very sunny, put her out of the direct light and she'll thank you a thousand times for it).

Her leaves with their large surface are dust magnets! Use a damp cloth to wipe them down from time to time to let her breathe freely.


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Please note the decorative pot is not included!

  • Light

    Bright, indirect light. Early morning direct sun is ok. Low light may cause new growth and mature leaves to drop.

  • Water

    Allow the top 1/3 of soil to dry out between thorough waterings. Ruby’s leaves will turn yellow if she’s not getting enough water, while leaf drop indicates over-watering.

  • Humidity

    She thrives in high humidity but can cope with regular household humidity. Ruby likes a good misting, as her leaves are quite absorbent. Give her a mist down every couple of days.

  • Child and Pet safe?

    Mildly toxic if eaten. It is uncommon for pets to try to eat ficus plants, and many cat and dog owners own several Ficus plants. It is advisable however to just keep an eye out to see if your little ones do for it.

  • Air Purifying?


  • Dimensions

    Plant Height – 15-20cm; Pot size - 6 x 6cm (dia x height)



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