Filo’s glossy leaves with their bright yellow-gold and lime green sheen bring a punch of colour to your domestic jungle.


He’s a Philodendron Scandens and is easy-going, air-purifying, and can cope with shade (although bright light will help protect that wonderful pattern on his leaves!) and will become a fully trailing plant in no time.


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  • Light


    Medium, indirect light is best, and try to avoid lots of direct sunlight. Too little light and Filo will elongate his stems in search for more, whereas too much light will cause his foliage to become pale and look a little bleached.

  • Water


    Let the top 1/2 of soil dry a little between thorough waterings. Overall, try to keep the soil always moist, but never waterlogged. Black spots on the leaves indicate over-watering and that his roots have been unable to breathe – if this happens, let him dry out thoroughly before watering again.

  • Humidity


    Filo likes good humidity. Try to give him a mist every other day in April-September, and back off to once every 3-4 days in wintertime.

  • Child and Pet safe?


  • Air Purifying?


  • Dimensions

    Plant Height – 10--15cm; Pot size - 6 x 6cm (dia x height)



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