Penelope is an Ivy Plant, formally Epipremnum Pinnatum but also known as “Dragon Tail”.


She’s a thoroughbred house plant with beautiful, ornamental leaves. She should be kept reasonably warm all year round - a consistent 20degC will do nicely. An easy-care climbing artist, her origins can be traced back to the Philippines and other areas of Southeast Asia, Polynesia and Australia where she really likes to run wild.


Her leathery leaves are heart-shaped and sit alternately on short stems. Young leaves are more symmetrical than the older ones, which will often have a delightful spotted or striped pattern in white, cream or yellow.


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  • Light

    A light to semi-shady location without draughts and direct sunlight is ideal.

  • Water

    Penelope should be kept evenly and slightly moist. She is highly resilient however and can tolerate occasional dryness or longer watering intervals, so she makes an ideal companion for someone who likes to travel often. Be sure her pot has adequate drainage as her roots are not tolerant of waterlogged soil.

  • Humidity

    An occasional spray from the water mister increases the humidity but also reduces the risk of a spider mite infestation – a win-win.

  • Child and pet safe?

    No – this plant is toxic if eaten. The leaves of the ivy hawk contain calcium oxalate, a substance that irritates the skin and mucous membranes – it must therefore never be eaten!

  • Air Purifying?


  • Dimensions

    Plant Height – 15-20cm; Pot size - 6 x 6cm (dia x height)



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