Pepe hails from Mexico, South America and the West Indies - and he comes from an enormous family! In fact, there are over 1,000 known species in the Peperomia genus (Pepe is a variegated Peperomia Obtusifolia, in case you were wondering).


His succulent leaves mean that he doesn’t need frequent watering to maintain his vigour. He may be slightly slow to grow (as is his entire family) but he’s a low-maintenance gem who is in it for the long-term.

  • Light

    Pepe can tolerate lower light levels than other succulent type plants but he’ll do best in bright but indirect light (west or east-facing window is ideal). Try to avoid long periods of direct sunlight. With too little light however his leaves may start to loose their vibrancy.

  • Water

    Allow the soil to dry out evenly between waterings. If you’re unsure, keeping Pepe on the dry side is better than over saturating him.

  • Humidity

    He’ll be fine in standard household humidity, but he’ll thrive with higher humidity levels, e.g. in a warm bathroom or kitchen. Giving him a mist with a water spray and he’ll thank you!

  • Child and Pet safe?

    Yes. In fact, one study claims peperomia plants can serve as a leafy vegetable for populations in its native habitat. Worth noting however that these plants are not meant for human consumption!

  • Air Purifying?


  • Dimensions

    Plant Height – 10-15cm; Pot size - 6 x 6cm (dia x height)



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