An ideal choice for home-gardeners who are might be looking for a low-maintenance, but attractive plant! Tashy is a has sleek, arching branches with shiny, pointed dark green leaves. She is a Ficus Benjamina ‘Natasha’ plant. Native to Australia, tropical Asia and the Solomon Islands, 'Natasha' is a compact form of the Ficus Benjamina with rich green foliage to draw you in. Grown indoors she’ll make a superb bonsai tree.


Her leaves are sensitive to small changes in light, so if she is re-located to a darker or brighter room she may drop some leaves and replace them with new ones better suited to the new light intensity. Therefore, the best strategy is to leave her in one area for her entire lifetime - the less you move her about, the stronger she’ll grow.


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  • Light

    Tashy prefers partial to deep shade. An ideal spot would be near a window where she can enjoy some morning sun and then stay cool in the afternoon.

  • Water

    All ficus plants are reasonably drought-resistant. Water once or twice per week but ensure drainage is good enough for the soil to completely dry out between waterings, to give Tash’s roots some time to breathe!  

  • Humidity

    Ficus trees are a tropical species that enjoy warm and humid climates. So keep Tash indoors, clear of chilly draughts and try to give her leaves a good misting several times per week, if not once per day. You can either use one of our mister accessories <<LINK>> or an equivalent spray bottle you already have at home!

  • Child and pet safe?


  • Air purifying


  • Dimensions

    Plant Height – 15-20cm; Pot size - 6 x 6cm (dia x height



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