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Learn to GROW  anything in London

Want to grow 

houseplants / vegetables / mushrooms / herbs / terrariums / + more 

in London?

Don't know where to begin?

No worries! Join our club to start your journey to becoming a growing guru. With our monthly grow plan, we'll be exploring all the incredible things you can grow in your London home. And we'll have loads of fun along the way.

How it works:

Your plant box delivered

Twelve topics to dive into

Visit every region of the plant kingdom

Reconnect with the rhythm of the seasons

We will guide you step-by-step

Grow with others

Something incredible to grow. 

Pots, kits,

accessories etc.

What we'll deliver each month

Access to our grow community

A gorgeously 

illustrated booklet

Exclusive workshops & webinars to watch at your leisure

Q&As with Rob, Charlie and guest experts

     - Charlie, co-founder Box & Sprout

"We’re on a mission to make growing accessible."

     - Rob, co-founder Box & Sprout

Guiding you through your unique growing journey

We see each plant as an opportunity to grow.


To grow and nurture the plant itself, but also to grow as person – to learn something new, to learn from mistakes, to try out new techniques and to deepen our connection to nature.

What you'll learn

🌱 Growing veggies, herbs, house plants, succulents, mushrooms and more!

🌱 Growing from seed and from cuttings

🌱 Day to day plant care

🌱 Re-potting

🌱 Keeping your plants fed

🌱 Designing with plants

🌱 Botany - the science of plants 

🌱 Growing with the seasons

🌱 Cooking with herbs

🌱 Building a terrarium

🌱 Growing your own mushrooms

🌱 Turning your kitchen scraps into useful plant food

🌱 Choosing the right plants for your space

First and foremast you'll learn about whatever you're growing each month - how to care for it, what to expect, and what you'll need to do to help it thrive.

Each month, we'll also go deep into one of our favourite topics: 

What to expect

The topics will vary depending on which month you join, but here's an example what you might typically expect.


Month #1: tomatoes & growing from seed

Receive some tomato seeds, a seed tray, some soil & some pots to help you with repotting. We'd guide you through the full process of growing from seed.

Month #2: baby house plants & designing with plants

Receive a baby house plant or 2, along with some cute baby pots - we'll talk you design principles including the colour wheel, designing for size & texture (+ how to care for the plants!)

Month #3: terrariums & the science of plants

Receive a miniature terrarium kit, with all you need to get growing. We'll give you an introduction to the science of plants and what we can learn from these incredible miniature ecosystems.

+ much much more!

What people are saying

Victoria, 18th May

Excellent service, kept me updated with delivery date and time to make sure it suited me. Lovely little plant, the pot was bigger than I expected but still fits nicely in my bay window! Really helpful care guide came with it and super friendly hand delivery also! 100% would recommend. If I had more room in my flat I would order more!

Membership options

We have limited spaces available each month, so sign-up now before it fills up!

Access to our grow community

Workshops & webinars to watch at your leisure

Q&As with Rob, Charlie and guest experts

Access to our grow community

Workshops & webinars to watch at your leisure

Q&As with Rob, Charlie and guest experts

Something incredible to grow. 

Any required growing accessories

A gorgeously illustrated booklet


Cancel anytime.

If you aren't satisfied with your subscription, we'll offer a full refund in your first month.

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Do I need a garden or a patio? 

Our deliveries will suit anything from a 16th floor windowsill to a garden. 

What if I don't like the course? 

You can freeze or cancel your subscription anytime. If you decide the club is not for you anytime or you are unhappy with your order, we will fully refund that month's delivery. No questions asked.

​Do I need any experience? 

No! While we cover a range of topics, this club is suitable for beginner growers.

Do I need any equipment? 

We provide everything you need, from seeds, soil, pots, plant food to grown plants themselves.

How much space and light do I need?

Plants need light to grow. If you have a north facing spot and get very little direct sunlight, then you may struggle to grow the full range of what we offer. We always suggest trying to use east, south or west facing windowsills or balconies wherever possible. If you have any concerns on this please just get in touch and we’ll help you figure out if your spot is suitable!What

​What if I'm away one month? 

You can pause or skip months anytime you wish. Every month’s educational content comes as a stand-alone lesson, so you can never feel behind when you join back in later on.

If I skip a delivery, can I catchup next month? 

Unfortunately not. All members get the same delivery each month, and as a group, we all focus on the same topics and learning. We can share our shared experiences as well as have access to guest speakers for the live sessions relevant to that month’s topic!

Do I need a garden or a patio? 

Our deliveries will suit anything from a 16th floor windowsill to a garden. 

Register Now - Limited Spaces Available

Why learn about plants

As humans, we subconsciously seek connection to other life forms. We like flowers because our ancestral brains know that fruit and seeds come later. In short, we’re hard wired to enjoy nature.

Connect with nature

We're curious creatures - it's in our DNA, and is what has made us so successful as a species. It's also why we take such please in learning new things, especially things that are a huge part of heritage.

Confidence in growing new things

Sense of wellbeing and mindfulness

Spending even a few minutes outside in a park has both short and long term positive mental health benefits. Bringing a little nature into our homes can replicate these benefits.